HydrantID Repository

This Repository contains important policies and agreements affecting users of the HydrantID Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). These policies are subject to amendment by the HydrantID Policy Management Authority (PMA). The effective date of each document is noted, and the most recent effective edition of a document supersedes all previous editions. No provision is made for multiple copies of a document to remain in effect at the same time.

HydrantID Privacy Policy Highlights
Effective April 24, 2018 | Download PDF | 61KB

Current CP/CPS documents for the HydrantID Issuing CAs for Trusted SSL (Root CA2) and S/MIME (Root CA3) are located in the QuoVadis repository

HydrantID Certificate Holder Agreement
Effective July 8th, 2013 | Download PDF | 990KB

Current Certificate Authorities

  • February 20, 2023
  • 58:31:66:B3:48:B2:A6:58:CC:92:88:53:CC:1B:DF:E0:69:93:3A:ED
  • D3:61:E5:AA:78:09:66:DC:D8:4E:B1:2B:49:7B:D6:14:21:6A:63:BD
  • RSA 4096 – SHA1
  • Download CRL
HydrantID SSL ICA G2
  • December 17, 2023
  • 75:17:16:77:83:D0:43:7E:B5:56:C3:57:94:6E:45:63:B8:EB:D3:AC
  • AC:4A:72:8B:4D:FC:35:60:1F:A3:4B:92:24:22:A4:2C:25:3F:75:6C
  • RSA 4096 – SHA256
  • Download CRL
HydrantID Client ICA
  • February 20, 2023
  • 56:54:D7:6A:66:9E:EE:B4:18:DA:F6:2C:C1:19:6B:39:B4:80:E8:99
  • 96:EB:27:AF:1E:EB:AA:D4:7A:2F:83:5E:E9:29:87:80:E9:C6:FB:74
  • RSA 4096 – SHA1
  • Download CRL