HydrantID™ delivers secure and scalable identity and access management solutions leveraging the proven and accredited cloud/PKI infrastructure of the QuoVadis Group ( QuoVadis is an international Certificate Authority service provider with more than a decade of experience providing managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature services to multinational organizations and public sector eID programs.

QuoVadis’ cloud/PKI infrastructure is professionally managed according to industry best-practices and is subject to extensive annual audits supporting its industry accreditations including the WebTrust certifications (CA/Baseline Requirements/Extended Validation), Qualified Trust Service Provider in several European jurisdictions, and EU Grid PMA (research and science computing). QuoVadis is a longstanding member of the CA/Browser Forum.

Edgile professionals are senior experts in IT security and identity management. Edgile’s senior-level teams (Big 4 pedigree) combine deep technical expertise with proven methodologies that drive long-term workable solutions to increase business value.
Combining decades of real-world enterprise IT experience with a focus on business value and risk, Edgile delivers tailored security solutions that meet the needs of your business. We help organizations achieve their goals by combining the business skills needed to attain organizational consensus, along with the subject matter expertise needed to implement complex IT solutions.

Edgile helps companies optimize and enhance IT security infrastructure to boost productivity, lower cost and complexity, and keep businesses running smoothly. Edgile offers trusted advice and hands-on implementation skills from seasoned industry experts to help streamline planning and expedite the deployment of security projects.

Emagined Security is a leading provider of professional services for Information Security and Compliance solutions. We empower our clients by helping them effectively manage IT Risk in today’s ever-changing business environment. With deep industry expertise and a proven track record, Emagined Security can scale quickly and efficiently to provide best-in-class organizations with the rapid response required. Our clients cover a wide range of U.S. and Global Fortune 500 organizations, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, high tech, manufacturing, energy, and insurance industries.

Emagined Security offers reliable and high-quality security alternatives to in-house resources, only employing well-known and respected individuals from the security community. We offer highly knowledgeable consultants with security certifications and extensive field experience. Our clients appreciate that working with Emagined Security is a professional and low risk partnership to secure business growth and project development within their existing infrastructure.

Emagined Security is privately held and headquartered in San Carlos, California.

Venafi is the market leading cybersecurity company in Next-Generation Trust Protection (NGTP). Venafi delivered the first trust protection platform to secure cryptographic keys and digital certificates that every business and government depend on for secure communications, commerce, computing, and mobility.