HydrantID’s root certificates are widely distributed, and are tagged for Extended Validation in browsers that support the EV standard.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ (including Maxthon and others)

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.02+ (including Camino, Fennec, and Sea Monkey)

  • Opera 9.26+ (including Opera Mini)

  • Safari 1.0+ (including mobile Safari)

  • Google Chrome

  • Konqueror and K-Meleon

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (all versions including 32/64 bit)

  • Apple OS/X 10.2+

  • Java Standard Edition v6_u15+

  • All major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, KDE, etc)

Mobile Devices

  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

  • Google Android

  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7

  • Palm webOS

  • RIM Blackberry 4+

  • Symbian OS ^2

  • MeeGo (Maemo and Moblin)

  • Email Clients

Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook Express

  • Microsoft Entourage

  • Apple Mail

  • Eudora

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Mozilla Sea Monkey

  • RIM Blackberry Mail (part of Core Applications)


  • Microsoft Office

  • Open/Libre Office

  • Microsoft Azure cloud services

In addition, QuoVadis roots are trusted in the wide array of OSS applications that use the Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) libraries 3.9+

QuoVadis continues to pursue additional distributions in all new commercial and open source software communities.