HydrantID Launches Digital Certificate Subscription Service; The Most Essential Protection Against Hacking of Digital Identity

Extends groundbreaking enterprise SSL subscription service to small and medium businesses


HydrantID today announced the launch of a subscription service for digital certificates, a fundamental new approach to the most essential aspect of digital security. HydrantID’s solution is a major departure in digital security for small and medium enterprises. Its fixed-cost subscription service dramatically simplifies the acquisition and use of digital certificates, adding flexibility for IT professionals and drastically reducing security budgets.

“Skullcandy has the sickest audio gear in the world. We take the security of our online store, website and IT operations very seriously, which is why we went with HydrantID to secure all our online communications,” said Brent Allen, Director of Infrastructure at Skullcandy (NASDAQ: SKUL). “Not only is HydrantID’s service offering flexible for us to use, they are also the most cost-effective.”

According to a recent study, the average enterprise uses almost 24,000 digital certificates and keys every year. Digital certificates using secure socket layer (SSL) technology are vital to e-commerce transactions and the sharing of critical data online. They enable customers and companies to verify that they are communicating privately and securely with a legitimate entity. In general, the industry issues three types of authentication levels associated with SSL certificates that range in price based on the degree of security offered. Extended Validation (EV) certificates are the highest level of authentication and Domain Validated (DV) are the lowest level.

Until now, the standard for purchasing digital certificates in bulk has been a system of buying credits and then applying different credit amounts toward each certificate type.

This common practice is a time-consuming and costly process for a company’s IT professionals, who must continually track the number of credits. It can lead to underutilization of digital encryption as companies may not have access to the security certificates they need when they need them. Even worse, it can lead to using higher-risk DV certificates that don’t offer the necessary protection for all online transactions and communications.

“Every enterprise security professional understands the pain of purchasing and implementing digital certificates, but they’ve never had an alternative until now,” said Trell Rohovit, chief executive officer of HydrantID. “HydrantID has listened and responded with a new subscription service that eliminates the needless administrative work of tracking how many digital certificates or credits are available. Now companies can meet all of their digital certificate needs on-demand and in real-time for one low subscription fee. Our subscription service allows organizations to get what they need, when they need it.”

HydrantID’s fixed-cost subscription service offers a variety of features that will allow IT professionals to customize and maximize SSL certificates, including:

  • No per certificate pricing or certificate type pricing – just one fixed subscription fee;
  • Real-time issuance on approved domains;
  • Unlimited sub-domains;
  • Easy access to adding Subject Alternative Names (SAN);
  • Simple cloud-based management console;
  • Ability to set custom certificate expiration dates; and
  • Unlimited server placement of digital certificates.

About HydrantID
HydrantID provides digital identity and advanced authentication services to help companies secure data and systems, and e-commerce transactions. HydrantID focuses on helping companies achieve industry best practices related to authentication and encryption, while reducing operating complexity and costs. HydrantID’s cloud-based, SaaS platform allows organizations to obtain advanced authentication and encryption services in real-time, on-demand. An industry-leading fixed-price subscription model eliminates financial and operational barriers that startups and Fortune 500 companies alike face in creating strong security practices.

For more information, visit HydrantID at: hydrantid.com.

Brad Chase
Capitol Media Partners