Betfair Selects HydrantID to Provide Digital Identity and Encryption Services for World’s Largest Internet Betting Exchange


Betfair (LSE: BET), the world’s largest internet betting exchange, has selected HydrantID to deliver its industry-leading digital identity protection and encryption services. HydrantID provides digital security infrastructure that can be managed and utilized on demand and in real-time by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

“Betfair has nearly one million active customers who trust us with their data and their money. HydrantID dramatically reduces our internal operating complexity and risks related to ensuring highly secure online transactions at all times,” said Craig McLean of Betfair. “Our HydrantID partnership is a big part of our commitment to going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ private information remains safe.”

“Protecting the identities and accounts of gamblers is a paramount concern for Betfair,” said Trell Rohovit, chief executive officer of HydrantID. “Our goal is to break down the barriers in deploying digital authentication and encryption to help organizations achieve their security objectives. We provide a secure and reliable on-demand infrastructure that enables secure communications, transactions and data protection.”

HydrantID is a team of seasoned digital security professionals who previously held senior-level positions at some of the most respected companies in the industry, including RSA Data Security, SAIC, KPMG, Venafi and Verisign. Its executives have an average of 20 years of experience helping global organizations operate encryption and authentication systems.

HydrantID is recognized in the industry for its unique focus on the number one cause of data breaches: password security. The biggest hacks in recent years have involved theft of administrator passwords, allowing criminals to infiltrate from within the organization.

HydrantID’s digital identity, authentication and encryption services ensure that corporations maintain resilient protection externally while transforming the way vital data is handled internally.

As IT systems grow more complex and costly, HydrantID’s outsourced service dramatically reduces corporate digital security budgets, while expanding the number of protected systems across the organization. HydrantID’s trusted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate Authority services and subscription-based business model provide flexibility to secure external as well as internal communications.

HydrantID’s affiliate partner, QuoVadis provides critical expertise and operational support for Betfair and other United Kingdom customers.

About HydrantID
HydrantID provides digital identity and advanced authentication services to help companies secure data and systems as well as e-commerce transactions. The company’s focus is on helping companies achieve industry best practices related to encryption, while reducing operating complexity and costs. HydrantID’s cloud-based, SaaS platform allows an organization to obtain advanced authentication and encryption services in real-time, on-demand. A fixed subscription pricing model eliminates financial and operational barriers that startups and Fortune 500 companies alike face in creating strong security practices. For more information, visit