Increase your website users confidence and trust

HydrantID™’s Secure Site Seal provides real-time credibility by reassuring your users that your organizations identity and website has been verified by HydrantID and that their critical information is protected by strong HydrantID™ SSL security.

Our Secure Site Seal is provided free to our SSL subscribers to display on their website.

When you install the HydrantID™ Site Seal Code on your Web site, HydrantID™ dynamically displays a Secure Site Seal. When your users click the seal, they see security information provided by HydrantID™ about your websites SSL certificate.

HydrantID provides the seal in three sizes to best fit your Web needs. The HydrantID Secure Site Seal should only be displayed on Web pages with the same Common Name identified in the SSL certificate.

How can I get the HydrantID Secure Site Seal?

Log into your client administration portal and down load the HydrantID Secure Seal from the certificat download area. For more information please visit our FAQ information or contact HydrantID support.

*Important Note:
HydrantID does not guarantee the integrity of the Secure Site Seal code after download by the customer and ongoing reliability of the site seal and the information it provides is dependent on the customers website security controls and the sole responsibility of the customer to maintain the integrity of the site seal code running on their website.