HydrantID Wins NIST Grant, Launches Privacy Ensured Identity Federation Service

Cloud service allows easy implementation of standards based identity federation while ensuring user privacy.


HydrantID today announced the launch of its Privacy Ensured Identity Federation Service. Through a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), HydrantID introduces a standards based federation service unlike any to date.

The HydrantID Identity Federation Service (IFS) provides all the value of traditional federation solutions while ensuring end user privacy such that relying parties and credential providers are blinded from each other’s identity. Equally important, IFS ensures the federation platform itself is blinded from any of the personal and private data associated with persons utilizing the federation.

HydrantID developed IFS to ensure privacy is cryptographically and technology ensured, while still being able to leverage the value of identity federation. Using a combination of PKI based ring signatures and transaction encryption keys, credential providers can provide authentication responses without knowing which relying party has asked for it and relying parties can trust the responses to their identity requests, without needing to know where the response came from. Additionally, the HydrantID cloud based IFS services facilitate the exchange of encrypted data messages between the appropriate relying party and credential providers, while being cryptographically blinded from the details of the data being exchanged.

“It’s like using your driver’s license to prove your identity to gain access to a facility or to conduct in person business transactions,” says Trell Rohovit CEO at HydrantID. “The DMV has no knowledge of where you use your driver’s license, but relying parties can trust the identity it represents. Our IFS product takes privacy to an even higher degree, by not only providing identity federation, but also ensuring only those with a need to know, actually have access to private information. We believe IFS introduces a new dynamic to the cloud based federation service offering. Until now, federation service providers are only able to provide policy based assurances that identity tracking or data access is controlled. IFS provides cryptographic and technical assurances based on those same policies, to ensure policy adherence.”

Public and Private organizations that have long sought the value of federation but shared a common concern regarding privacy can now come together and embrace the tremendous value that federated identity provides while resting assured that user privacy is technologically guaranteed.

The NIST grant is awarded through the Trusted Identities Group (TIG) within its Information Technology Laboratory. The TIG builds partnerships to advance digital identity. By promoting government and commercial adoption of privacy-enhancing, secure, interoperable, and easy-to-use digital identity solutions, the TIG works with its partners to drive trust, convenience, and innovation in the Identity Ecosystem.For more information, visit https://www.nist.gov/itl/tig.

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HydrantID provides encryption and advanced authentication services to help companies secure data and systems, and e-commerce transactions. HydrantID focuses on helping companies achieve industry best practices related to authentication and encryption, while reducing operating complexity and costs. HydrantID’s cloud-based, SaaS platform allows organizations to obtain advanced authentication and encryption services on-demand, in real- time. An industry-leading fixed-price subscription model eliminates financial and operational barriers that start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike face in creating strong security practices.

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